“ this is a revolutionairy energy producing wallmaterial that's smart, efficient and visual attractive ”


NEWS: Solar visuals to win Clean Energy Challenge

March 7th, 2019 - We are very proud to announce that we won the Clean Energy Challenge. Out of 452 projects worldwide that participated in the Challenge organised by the Dutch foundation What Design Can Do, Solar Visuals was selected as one of the four winning clean energy solutions for the city of Amsterdam.
Six months ago the Clean Energy Challenge called on start-ups, designers and students from all over the world to rethink how we produce, distribute and use energy in five big cities: Delhi, Mexico City, Nairobi, São Paulo and Amsterdam. On the 6th of March an international jury selected 20 winners - four per city. All winners receive a budget and tailor-made guidance to further develop their business.

climate neutral in 2030

Solar Visuals introduces a new revolutionary designed solar panel that combines maximum energy generation with high-quality aesthetics. The Netherlands faces a major challenge in the coming decades, as set out in The Paris Agreement: making the built environment energy neutral by 2030. To achieve this in the Netherlands, 7 million houses and 1 million buildings must be rebuilt and renovated to allow them to generate their own energy. This has a vast visual impact on the built environment which requires new, building-integrated solutions that not only make buildings and cities smart and efficient but also visually attractive.

paris solar

Façade surfaces of buildings offer major opportunities for sustainable energy generation ”

Thijs Sepers - Solar Visuals Business Development.


Our solution:
an energy-generating façade material

The Solar Visuals are designed in such a way that they can be integrated seamlessly into the façade surfaces of buildings. The use of façades to generate energy signifies a major step forward. It offers opportunities to scale the energy production in the built environment in one go. Buildings can now easily be transformed from heavy energy consumers into energy-producing entities, and yet be visually attractive.

“ Solar Visuals is a flexible, aesthetic, efficient and cost-effective building material that makes generating solar energy available to architects, engineers and project developers on a much larger scale ”

How does it work?

The Solar Visuals panel consists of multiple layers: a layer of photovoltaic material which generates the energy, with a sustainable full-colour print layer over it which can be designed by the client themselves. Everything is possible, from photo prints, images of famous paintings or an abstract pattern. John van Roosmalen (Research & Technology, Solar Visuals): “The panels are available in multiple formats, colours and prints. In addition, we are continually looking for a strategic balance between maximum energy generation and optimal design quality.”

1_ solar brick wall


Solar Visuals is looking for an enthusiastic Marketing & Communications Specialist (internship, 6 months) to support the business development of Solar Visuals. In this position you will be responsible for content creation for social media and the website and all marketing and PR activities concerning Solar Visuals. The ideal candidate will support business development and create communications strategies around Solar Visuals as an innovative product, a brand and a company, as well as set up and support marketing & comms for printing specialist TS Visuals, one of the founding companies of Solar Visuals. Solar Visuals and TS Visuals are both based in Oudkarspel, in the province of North-Holland.


Photo: Robert Goddyn
LOGO ddw

dutch solar design

The Solar Visuals panels are developed by Dutch Solar Design research consortium consisting of six partners: ECN part of TNO, architectural firm UNStudio/ UNSense, print specialist TS Visuals, the Design Innovation Group, façade specialist Aldowa and Urban Technology research group from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA). The partners have combined their expertise and knowledge in the area of innovation, technology and design to create a solar panel that combines a high return with Dutch Design quality and aesthetics.

The research results of the development process by the Dutch Solar Design consortium were exihibited together with an installation of the Solar Visuals products during the launch of the company at the 2018 Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.


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