For its project Tours Duo, two 180-meter and 125-meter high-rise buildings in the 13e arrondissement ‘Gobelins’ in Paris, that will be completed next year, Ateliers Jean Nouvel has chosen Solar Visuals’ energy-generating façade panels to leverage energy use and minimize the carbon footprint of the buildings. The 1500 square meter façade will be clad with 825 Solar Visuals panels in a custom-designed ‘gold look’.

©Ateliers Jean Nouvel
©Ateliers Jean Nouvel

The 825-panel project and the 1500 square meters of energy generating cladding material will be split between DUO-1 and DUO-2. Due to this building integrated solution, the façades of buildings have become a large-scale resource for renewable energy generation. The custom-made Artlite Active Doré panels, especially designed and tailored for Tours Duo Paris by Solar Visuals, address the urgency to make the built environment energy neutral by 2030 as set out in The Paris Agreement while making a statement as a key design element for the two mixed-use towers.

High performance and aesthetic appearance

Artlite Active Doré panels are a glass solution, made from 4mm matte structured tempered glass and matt anodized gold frame, generating a power per panel of 250Wp by using premium technologies around the module: The monocrystalline cells combine high efficiency and performance with sleek aesthetics.

The panels, designed and installed by SOLSTYCE and provided by BIPV company Solar Visuals together with partners AGC Glass Europe, are set apart for their revolutionary printing layer. For the perfect balance between aesthetics and an optimized energy yield, a Solar Visuals developed grid pattern is used, partly covering the full black PV module including black busbars. In the case of the gold façade of Tour Duo, from nearby, this Star pattern is visible, while from further away the human eye creates a full-coverage gold façade.

Tours Duo, commissioned by global real estate company Ivanhoé Cambridge Europe, brings new office space, restaurants, retail, a hotel, and an auditorium to the 13e arrondissement in the east side of Paris.

“This project is about building the east side of Paris, its summit, its culminating point for the beginning of the century. It is also about creating a character, a singularity that is in relation with the reality of the site that reveals the particular beauty that relies on it to invent and strengthen the attractiveness of the place”, as released by Ateliers Jean Nouvel.

The commission by the renowned French architecture firm is an exciting new step for the Dutch renewable energy company and AGC’s Active Glass series.

“This project, in collaboration with an incredible team and partners, is the starting point of a future with endless possibilities for the aesthetic integration of solar panels in the built environment”, says Solar Visuals.

Solar Visuals wins Fespa Nederland Innovation Award!

November 2020 – We are delighted to announce that Solar Visuals was awarded the Fespa Nederland Innovation Award during the Sign+ Award gala! The event took place during a livestream organized by Sign+ Magazine. During the award process, the jury looked specifically at innovative elements within the contesters.

“A newly developed application, based on available techniques in the sign world that connects digital printing, architecture and energy generation. Given the climate challenge ahead of us, a project with enormous potential for the future”, says Enrico Steijn, who announced the winner on behalf of Fespa Nederland.

In 2014, Solar Visuals partner, TS Visuals was awarded the same award for its ‘Markthal’ project in Rotterdam.

000-Solar_Visuals-1 SMALL

We work with Shell: Project is ready

September 2020 - We have completed the façade of the Shell laboratory in Amsterdam.

Maximum energy generation with high aesthetic design quality. The ten grid sections on the Shell laboratory are officially up and running! With the façade installation done by Aldowa.

The project, within Solar Visual’s option ‘Branding’, as we did for the Joint Research Center in Petten, is complete with every grid section consisting of two rows of each eight panels formatted 680 x 1335 mm. Each grid section communicating the company’s sustainability ambitions using icons in corporate identity colors. Made possible with our unique rasterization method covering the solar cell, we enable a full-color visual ideal for the branding of a company but certainly also to cut down on energy costs.

The entire system is predicted to produce 13.944 kWh per year.

Solar Visuals nominated for the Sign+ 2020 award

September 2020 - We are proud and excited that Solar Visuals is nominated for the Sign+ 2020 award, category Architectural Signage! The jury of the two annual award for the sign- and display branch chooses three nominees per category to be displayed in the Sign+ Magazine number 6 as well as on their website.

The nominated project is the Shell laboratory assignment in Amsterdam. Here we made use of branding visuals, consisting of ten grid boxes that communicate Shell’s sustainability ambitions using icons in their brand colors. Every grid box consists of two rows of each eight panels with a format of 680 x 1335 mm.

Voting is possible until November 6, 2020.

Vote for us here.


Solar Magazine has published an article on Solar Visuals

September 2020 - Solar Magazine, the multimedia platform about solar energy, with an annual reach of over one million people in both the Netherlands and Belgium has published an article on Solar Visuals in their latest issue.

In this article they interview our founder Thijs Sepers, and chief executive officer Wouter van Strien, and talk about how Solar Visuals was created, the product, our partnership with AGC and our ambitions for the near future. Curious?

Take a look at the full article itself here.

SunEwat visuals_Pagina_11
logo AGC

Solar Visuals partners with AGC Glass Europe

August 2020 - We would like to inform you that Solar Visuals has signed a cooperation agreement with one of the largest glass producers in the world, AGC Glass Europe. This means AGC will be responsible for the production of the Solar Visuals panels for the European market. This collaboration significantly scales up the production and implementation of Solar Visuals’ aesthetic energy-generating façade panels. Good news for developers, architects, housing corporations, governments and companies who want to make their buildings or objects sustainable in a way that is visually attractive.

With this collaboration, AGC becomes one of the most important representatives of Solar Visuals in Europe. "We are very pleased with this collaboration because it enables us to produce and distribute our energy-generating facade panels on a larger scale," said Solar Visuals director Thijs Sepers. "With this we take a big step in the aesthetically attractive sustainability of buildings and the built environment."

SunEwat Active Glass
The Solar Visuals panels will be part of AGC's SunEwat Active Glass product line, under the name Artlite Active. The SunEwat program contains several types of energy-generating glass solutions. AGC, which has large factories in Belgium and Germany, is expert in the production of large volumes as well as the production of completely custom-designed glass-glass and glass-plastic panels.
Solar Visuals will become the sales representative for the Dutch market of the entire AGC Active Glass collection together with SunEwat partners Sonnenstromfabrik Wismar, Physee and Soltech.

BAM reveals its new Solar visuals Façade

June 2020 - This week the installation of Solar Visuals onto the headquarters of Dutch building company BAM in Bunnik has been finalized. This marks a good example of how buildings and façades can be turned into energy producing entities.

Through the incorporation of mimic design, our energy generating façade panels are tailor-designed in such a way that they can be integrated seamlessly into the façade surfaces of buildings, optimizing both its form and function.

For the BAM façade, a brick motif has been chosen in seeking to adapt to the existing brick façade.  The Brick pattern is part of the standardized Solar Visuals collection. Compared to the most of the current non-printed solar panels, our energy-generating façade modules holds an energy efficiency of up to 85%, with a capacity of 220 watts peak (Wp) per panel.

By providing an attractive alternative to traditional façade surfaces, in addition to maximising available surfaces for energy production, our façade modules aim to facilitate the transition to more energy-efficient buildings while providing endless possibilities for aesthetic variation.

For more information, please take a look at the NOS television news (after 15th minute) and NOS radio news coverageOr read more about the project on the TNO website.

Solar visuals to win Clean Energy Challenge

March 2019 - We are very proud to announce that we won the Clean Energy Challenge. Out of 452 projects worldwide that participated in the Challenge organized by the Dutch foundation What Design Can Do, Solar Visuals was selected as one of the four winning clean energy solutions for the city of Amsterdam.

Six months ago the Clean Energy Challenge called on start-ups, designers and students from all over the world to rethink how we produce, distribute and use energy in five big cities: Delhi, Mexico City, Nairobi, São Paulo and Amsterdam. On the 6th of March an international jury selected 20 winners - four per city. All winners receive a budget and tailor-made guidance to further develop their business.



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