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About us

Solar Visuals has been founded in 2018 by the international architectural firm UNStudio, arch tech company UNSense, the Dutch printing specialist TS Visuals and TNO.

We believe the transition to clean energy is the only way to move forward.  Solar Visuals has developed a revolutionary building integrated façade panel that combines maximum energy generation with high-quality aesthetics. Due to an innovative printing technology, our products allow the construction industry, developers, municipalities, architects and designers to carry out their sustainability goals and to create buildings and cities that are smart, efficient and good-looking.

The world faces a major challenge in the coming decades as set out in The Paris Agreement: making the built environment energy neutral by 2030. To achieve this only in the Netherlands, 7 million houses and 1 million buildings must be rebuilt and renovated to allow them to generate their own energy. This has avast visual impact on the built environment which requires new, building-integrated solutions.