SunEwat is the one-stop shop for photovoltaics-embedded glass solutions, developed in partnership with solar providers. SunEwat boasts environmental performance and efficiency ratings consistent with Nearly Zero-Energy Building (NZEB) standards.

Efficiency and payback

SunEwat focuses on efficiency, delivering opaque and aesthetically pleasing integrated solutions for spandrels and cladding components with a payback period similar to that of traditional rooftop photovoltaic units.
No compromise on aesthetics: Facade glass can be active with no negative visual impact whatsoever.

Competitive pricing: Deploying AGC Glass Europe’s innovative technologies in energy-generating facades means record low payback periods.

Building autonomy: Sensors built into the insulating glass unit can activate the building management system.

Art and communication

By enabling architects and designers to take an artistic approach to the vision glass elements as well as the spandrels and cladding components, SunEwat delivers elegant solutions that showcase the use of green energy while maintaining the glazing’s transparency and functionality.

Fully customisable: Architects and designers can arrange and deploy glass sizes and photovoltaic cells as they wish in order to create their own original designs.

Corporate social responsibility: Promoting a good corporate reputation through an eco-friendly building.

Product overview

SunEwat Design

SunEwat Design is an opaque energy-generating glass solution that uses areas covered by spandrels and cladding to generate energy. SunEwat Design panels are a combination of photovoltaic material, a raster pattern and a full-colour visual that can be designed by the customer. Anything is possible: a specific colour, an abstract pattern or even the image of a painting or photograph. This solution transforms buildings from energy guzzlers into attractive, energy-generating entities.

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SunEwat Vision is a natural choice for architects looking for new ways to use photovoltaics-embedded glass in their architectural designs. With SunEwat Vision, cells, shapes and silkscreen printing can be used creatively to highlight the use of green energy while maintaining the glazing’s functionality. Cells can be single or bifacial. Using bifacial solar cells makes efficient vertical applications possible since solar energy can then be harvested from both sides of the glazing. SunEwat Vision glazing lets a comfortable level of light through the glass while also having a shielding effect due to the cells. This effectively reduces heat transmission as the solar cells block sunlight while harvesting solar energy. Since SunEwat Vision modules are custom-made, they can be tailored specifically to each project. Architects especially appreciate the fact that this glazing is available in large sizes (up to 2 x 4 m), making many applications possible. It can also be assembled in an insulating glazing unit (IGU) to provide the required level of thermal insulation.

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SunEwat Color

SunEwat Colour is photovoltaics-embedded safety glass covered with a look alike uniform colour. Used for cladding and spandrels on building facades, this highly effective product can be in plain or rasterised and available in any trendsetting colour, on demand. The glass withstands thermal shock and is five times stronger due to the toughening process making it ideal for many situations.

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SunEwat Origin

SunEwat Origin is photovoltaics-embedded float glass on a black layer. Used for cladding and spandrels on building facades, this highly effective product is totally uniform and available in reflective or mat finishing. SunEwat Origin is fully black and is a very effective opaque technology.

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