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Ultimate freedom of design in energy generating facades. Solar Visuals offers made-in-Europe solar integrated façade elements in a wide range: from semi-transparent to full colour graphics.
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Solar Visuals is the developer and supplier of the patented method for incorporating design visuals and colors into a solar panel with the best available performance and aesthetics ratio. For production, we rely on our partners AGC Europe, ISSOL and Soltech. Conversely, Solar Visuals is the sales representative for the Dutch market of the entire AGC Active Glass collection.

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Our offer is complete design freedom in combination with high-quality solar energy production.

Wouter van Strien
Solar Visuals CEO

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Can the SunEwat products be applied as regular façade cladding?

Indeed, this is the main purpose of the products aside of the energy generation. By applying the products instead of regular façade cladding one saves the cost of the regular façade material and additional standard PV panels.

What are the average costs of a solar facade?

The average cost of a solar façade is heavily dependent on the requirements of the façade and the size of the project. We are available to discuss the specifics of your project with you.

What is the average yield  of a solar facade?

The energy yield of a solar façade is dependent on many factors such as location, mounting conditions and amount of shading. A south facing solar façade in the Netherlands without shading can yield between 110 – 145 kWh/m2/year depending on the colour of the panels.

How are solar facades mounted?

Solar façade elements are mounted as regular glass facades, using the same mounting systems. The only difference is that it is best to install the energy generating panels with ventilation on the rear as well.

Is the Solar Visuals façade also available for consumers?

Everything is possible! However, the cost of the typically smaller projects for consumers is relatively much higher per amount of surface than it is for standard projects. An installed solar façade in a small project will typically cost 1000€/m2. Please also be aware that a permit for façade installation may be required by your municipality.

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