Mimicking wood, concrete, brick, stretched metal or stone - the Solar Visuals Collection offers a wide range of standardized patterns. These seamless and repetitive designs are extremely suitable for large scale application into facades of newly built and existing buildings, creating one powerful image from a viewing distance. The Solar Visuals Collection is divided into four subcategories: Architectural Materials, Nature, Art and Spot Colors (available in different RAL / PMS colors).


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UNStudio rendering Agora theater Lelystad

Architectural Design

For architects, designers and real estate owners who appreciate their freedom of design, we offer fully customizable solutions that suits any visual style. Making sure visual power and energy production are always optimized, the size, shape and material structure of the Solar Visuals panels can vary according to the customers wishes. From one-off panels to entire solar facades, from monochrome in any desired RAL or PMS color to abstract patterns or photographic prints - our printing possibilities are endless.

Solar Visuals panels are also suitable for small size one-off visuals such as company logo's, branding visuals and marketing campaigns. Imagine a piece of art, such as Van Gogh's sunflowers, to be harvesting solar energy at the façade of a museum, or imagine the logo of a company involved in sustainability on the façade of their HQ. It is a nice way for innovative companies and brands to show they walk the talk.

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Sunewat artlite active

With AGC Glass Europe being responsible for the production of the Solar Visuals panels for the European market, our products are also part of AGC's SunEwat Active Glass catalogue, under the name Artlite Active. Conversely, Solar Visuals is the sales representative for the Dutch market of the entire AGC Active Glass collection together with SunEwat partners Sonnenstromfabrik WismarPhysee and Soltech.



A Solar Visuals energy producing façade consists of a building integrated PV (BIPV) module with a sustainable and fully customizable integrated full color visual. It consists of multiple layers:

  • A layer of photovoltaic material which generates energy
  • A full-color visual that can be designed by our architects and designers or by the customer

Our unique and patented rasterization method allows for a complete ‘freedom of design’ in terms of sizes, patterns, colors and tailormade graphics.

The final design will be transformed into a pattern of dots allowing sunrays to penetrate to the photovoltaic layer, resulting in the optimum balance between energy yield and aesthetic quality.

The rasterization process developed by Solar Visuals has three different patterns based on different algorithms: the Orthogonal pattern, the Star pattern and the Radial pattern. Each of them has specific properties that connect to the selected solar cells and the visual quality of the façade.



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