BAM reveals its new Solar visuals Façade

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June 2020 - This week the installation of Solar Visuals onto the headquarters of Dutch building company BAM in Bunnik has been finalized. This marks a good example of how buildings and façades can be turned into energy producing entities.

Through the incorporation of mimic design, our energy generating façade panels are tailor-designed in such a way that they can be integrated seamlessly into the façade surfaces of buildings, optimizing both its form and function.

For the BAM façade, a brick motif has been chosen in seeking to adapt to the existing brick façade.  The Brick pattern is part of the standardized Solar Visuals collection. Compared to the most of the current non-printed solar panels, our energy-generating façade modules holds an energy efficiency of up to 85%, with a capacity of 220 watts peak (Wp) per panel.

By providing an attractive alternative to traditional façade surfaces, in addition to maximising available surfaces for energy production, our façade modules aim to facilitate the transition to more energy-efficient buildings while providing endless possibilities for aesthetic variation.

For more information, please take a look at the NOS television news (after 15th minute)Or read more about the project on the TNO website.

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