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August 2020 - We would like to inform you that Solar Visuals has signed a cooperation agreement with one of the largest glass producers in the world, AGC Glass Europe. This means AGC will be responsible for the production of the Solar Visuals panels for the European market. This collaboration significantly scales up the production and implementation of Solar Visuals’ aesthetic energy-generating façade panels. Good news for developers, architects, housing corporations, governments and companies who want to make their buildings or objects sustainable in a way that is visually attractive.

With this collaboration, AGC becomes one of the most important representatives of Solar Visuals in Europe. "We are very pleased with this collaboration because it enables us to produce and distribute our energy-generating facade panels on a larger scale," said Solar Visuals director Thijs Sepers. "With this we take a big step in the aesthetically attractive sustainability of buildings and the built environment."

SunEwat Active Glass
The Solar Visuals panels will be part of AGC's SunEwat Active Glass product line, under the name Artlite Active. The SunEwat program contains several types of energy-generating glass solutions. AGC, which has large factories in Belgium and Germany, is expert in the production of large volumes as well as the production of completely custom-designed glass-glass and glass-plastic panels.
Solar Visuals will become the sales representative for the Dutch market of the entire AGC Active Glass collection together with SunEwat partners Sonnenstromfabrik Wismar, Physee and Soltech.

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